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Easy APNs Provider - Push Notification Service testing tool

Ferramentas de programação Utilitários
Developer: hangyu fan

Easy APNs Provider is a tool for apple developers who want to test whether Apple Push Notification Service works on their devices.

First you should make sure you have a APNs certificate file, name like aps_development.cer, which is requested on your Mac from Apple DEV center, and, of course, related with your app.
Make sure this certificate and the related private key have been installed in your keychain (If you applied the cert with your Mac, the private key and the cert should have been automatically installed).

Download this app.
Press Add Token to add the tokens of your devices which were given by app delegate.
Select your certificate file.
Choose APNs server. Domain with sandbox is for development and without sandbox is for production.
Connect to server.
Select what kind of payload you wanna push. You can write your own payload by clicking "Raw" tab button.

Push and wait for result. Were there an error, information of it shall appear in status field.