Easy APNs Provider - Push Notification Service testing tool App Recensioni

Great Utility app to test Push Notifications

I was having such hard time sending test push notifications from my Mac using Curl or some Python scripts. I was hitting open ssl issues. This tool saved the day. Worked like a charm on first try.

Great but...

Does what you want easy and great for testing but it would be great if I could add multiple tokens through a csv file. It has a add from files option but no documenation on how to use it. Other than that its been very useful.

Nice Utility

Been using it for a while. But sadly it hasn’t been updated to use the new authorization token approach. We no longer need to use certificates. So I can’t test that type of setup with this app.

Solid Little Utility

The app works as advertised and is relatively easy to get up and running. IMHO the user interface could use some tweaks. For example, it isn’t clear that a device name is required or that the device name is entered *after* the device token is added. It also wasn’t intuitive that the name, once entered, could not have spaces. I recommend this app to developers despite these few minor issues.


This app is such a time saver when it comes to testing push notifications on the APNs Sandbox and Produciton environments. Thanks for making this tool!


This app is easy to use, quite simple to operate. It’s Good for use during iOS application development.

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